Iran's Ongoing Pipelines Projects

Bandar Abbas-Rafsanjan Oil Products Pipeline
Location: Bandar-Abbas, Sirjan, Rafsanjan

Status: Ongoing
Goureh-Jask Oil Pipeline
Location: from Goureh pump station in Khuzestan province to Jask Port

Status: Ongoing
Location: Assalouyeh to Bazargan border with Turkey

Status: Ongoing
Pars Oil Products Pipeline
Location: From Mehraran pump station on Bandar Abbas–Rafsanjan pipeline to the city of Shiraz

Status: Ongoing
Rudan - Jask Gas Pipeline
Location: Hormozgan Province

Status: Ongoing
Sabzab-Rey Crude Oil Pipeline (Sabzab - Shazand)
Location: Sabzab - Tange Fanni - Shazand

Status: Ongoing
Tabesh Oil Pipeline (Northeast Oil Pipeline)
Location: Rafsanjan to Mashhad

Status: Ongoing

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