Iran's Ongoing IPC Projects

Aban and West Paydar
Location: Ilam Province

Status: Ongoing
Band-e-Karkheh Oilfield
Location: North-West of Ahwaz (in Mehr Exploratory Block), Khuzestan Province

Status: Ongoing
Changouleh Oilfield
Location: Ilam Province (in Anaran Exploratory Block); Shared with Iraq

Status: Ongoing
Dalpari, East Paydar and Cheshmeh Khosh
Location: Ilam province

Status: Ongoing
Dehloran -IPC
Location: Dehloran oil field is located 120 km west of Dezful, 200 km north of Ahwaz and 20 km of Dehloran city

Status: Ongoing
Jufeyr and Sepehr
Location: West Karun; Khuzestan province

Status: Ongoing
Mansouri (Bangestan)
Location: South-East of Ahwaz, Khouzestan

Status: Ongoing
North Pars
Location: 120 Km South East Of Bushehr, 15 Km From Shore, Water depth 10-30m

Status: Ongoing
Sohrab Oilfield
Location: Southwest of Iran in Khuzestan province (Shared with Iraq)

Status: Ongoing
Location: 12 km off Southeast of Sousangerd City of Khuzestan Province

Status: Ongoing
Yaran Oilfield
Location: Khouzestan Province, West of Karoun River which is located in the north-west of South Azadegan oilfield

Status: Ongoing

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