Iraq to increase importing Iranian gas

26 June, 2022
Source: MNA

Iraqi ministry of electricity announced that the country's debts for energy imports from Iran have been paid off and Baghdad is now consulting to increase gas imports from Iran.

The spokesperson for the Iraqi ministry of electricity told media sources that Iraq imports 40 million cubic meters of Iranian gas per day currently but the country needs to receive 50 to 55 million cubic meters of gas per day to supply its electricity.

"The Ministry of Electricity is trying to increase its daily production to 24,000 MW, and this depends on increasing Iran's gas exports from 40 million cubic meters to 50 to 55 million cubic meters per day," he added.

Adel Karim, Minister of Electricity of Iraq, recently said in a press conference in Karbala that Iran has agreed to export 50 million cubic meters of gas to Iraq per day for four months, starting from summer.

"Iraq will import between 10 to 20 million cubic meters of gas per day from Iran in winter," he added.


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