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Contractors of Iran's Petrochemical Projects

Published Date: December 2005
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Iran’s gas wealth has provided the country’s petrochemical industry with a relative advantage in the form of easy access to the needed feed for producing petrochemical products.

Iran’s National Petrochemical Industries Company (NPC) owns 16 production complexes each operated by a subsidiary of NPC. NPC’s overall annual production capacity was 18.2 million tons in 2004.

Although many petrochemical plants have come on stream, completion of some others is still underway and the drive to establish various petrochemical units in different locations of Iran is moving forward.

As a rule, contractors are elemental in getting the projects done. More especially so in sizeable petrochemical projects such as the ones that are being constructed in Iran.

For the benefit of interested local and foreign companies, Iran Oil Gas Network has prepared this unique report about the fields of activity and contact details of all major contractors and subcontractors currently engaged in various petrochemical projects in Iran.

The report covers following categories of activities for all major contractors and subcontractors involved in Iran’s petrochemical projects:

- Execution
- Licensing
- Basic & Detail Engineering
- Procurement
- Construction & Installation
- Major Local Manufacturers

Most of Iran’s petrochemical plants are located in Petrochemical Special Economic Zone (Mahshahr) and Pars Special Economic Energy Zone (Assalouyeh) but some other plants are situated in different regions of the country.

Note: Since the data presented in this report have been collected from various sources, a uniform layout was not possible everywhere and few companies may have been unintentionally missed out. This does not impair the overall contents of the report in any way.

Table of Contents:

- Petrochemical Projects in Petrochemical Special Economic Zone (Mahshahr)
6th Olefins
7th Olefins
Acetic Acid & CO
Laleh LDPE
Ghadir PVC
Arvand PVC
8th Olefins
Fajr Central Utility (Expansion-Phase 1)
Engineering Polymers
3rd Aromatic
3rd Methanol

- Petrochemical Projects in Pars Special Economic/Energy Zone

9th Olefins
10th Olefins
11th Olefins
4th Aromatic
4th Methanol
6th Methanol (Second Phase of 4th Methanol)
4th Urea/Ammonia (Ghadir Urea/Ammonia 1)
6th Urea/Ammonia (Ghadir Urea/Ammonia 2)
Assalouyeh HDPE
Ethane Recovery, SM, PS
Mobin Central Utility

- Petrochemical Projects in Other Regions
3rd Ammonia
Kermanshah Urea/Ammonia (5th Urea/Ammonia)
Kharg Olefins (5th Olefins)
Kharg 2nd Methanol (Methanol 5)
13th Olefins (Ilam Petrochemicals)
Hamedan PVC
First LAB
Crystal Melamine
West Ethylene Pipeline
Gachsaran Petrochemical Complex
Kordestan Petrochemical Complex
Lorestan Petrochemical Complex
Mahabad Petrochemical Complex
Kermanshah Polymer

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