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Iran Petrochemical Outlook 2027

Published Date: August 2019
Status: Available (Softcopy)

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Rarely have there been any reports provided on the future state of Iran petrochemical industry breaking down the feed and product types and the relevant value chain.

‘Iran Petrochemical Outlook 2027’ can be considered the first authentic and documented Report in Iran petrochemical industry, developed by IranOilGas Network - a private independent entity.

The Report demonstrates the state of the feed and production capacity of Iran petrochemical industry by the year 2027, i.e. the end of Iran Twenty-Year Economic Development Plan, counting in the situation of the existing petrochemical plants as well as the ones the construction of which is underway, and /or their construction plans have been approved, separately sorted by the feed and product types.

Based on the targets incorporated in ‘Iran Petrochemical Outlook Plan 2027’ prepared by Iran oil ministry, the petrochemical industry of the country has to obtain the top ranking in the Middle East (ME) in production value, to achieve 126 Mln tons of petrochemical products output per annum, to gain 34% of the petrochemical products’ value in the Middle East market and 6.3% in global market. In order to achieve the above-mentioned targets, several factors have to be counted in. This Report analyzes these factors, determines the current and future obstacles and challenges plus the ways to overcome them.

‘Iran Petrochemical Outlook Plan 2027’ investigates the value chain of gas and liquid feed petrochemical plants and projects and states their current production rates as well as their yearly production states in future. 

By making use of local credible sources, ‘Iran Petrochemical Outlook Plan 2027’ attempts to provide accurate figures and statistics of the most recent ongoing projects as well as planned ones.

Due to the lack of valid and reliable export and consumption statistics for each of petrochemical products separately, this Report has mainly concentrated on the production state of products. 

The Report presents various feed and supply tables and diagrams, separately sorted by feeds and products as well as projects. 

The Report has tried, considering the existing facts and Iran’s dominant economic situation imposed by the unilateral US sanctions as well as the obstacles on the way of provision of funds, engineering services and facilities, to estimate the projects’ executive course, including their start dates and end dates and provide relevant time tables.

Table of Contents:

1- Iran Petrochemical Outlook 2027- Factors to be Considered

1-1- Feedstock
1-1-1- Methane Gas
1-1-1-1- Natural Gas Feed Requirement of Petrochemical Plants by 2027
1-1-2- Ethane Gas
1-1-2-1- Ethane Feed Requirement of Petrochemical Plants by 2027
1-1-3- Gas Condensate
1-1-3-1- Condensate Feed Requirement of Petrochemical Plants by 2027
1-1-4- Methanol
1-1-5- Natural Gas Liquids (NGL)
1-1-6- Naphtha
1-1-7- Propane
1-1-7-1- Propane Feed Requirement of Petrochemical Plants by 2027
1-1-8- Petrochemical Feed Supply Projects
1-1-8-1- Details of Ongoing Petrochemical Feed Supply Projects
1-1-9- Main Feed Requirement of Petrochemical Plants by 2027
1-2- Required capital
1-3- Technical Knowledge
1-4- Target Markets
1-5- Suitable Planning, Regulatory and Management
1-6- Delay Period of Ongoing Petrochemical Projects

2- Iran Petrochemical Production Forecast 2027

2-1- Production Capacity Forecast of Major Petrochemical Products by 2027
2-2- Commissioning Time Table and Details of Iran Petrochemical Projects by 2027
2-2-1- Ongoing Projects
2-2-1-1- Methanol Projects
2-2-1-1-1- Methanol Projects Time Table
2-2-1-1-2- Details of Ongoing Methanol Projects
2-2-1-1-3- Methanol Value Chain Projects Time Table
2-2-1-1-4- Details of Ongoing Methanol Value Chain Projects
2-2-1-2- Urea/Ammonia Projects
2-2-1-2-1- Urea/Ammonia Projects Time Table
2-2-1-2-2- Details of Ongoing Urea/Ammonia Projects
2-2-1-3- Olefins/Poly Ethylene Projects
2-2-1-3-1- Olefins/Poly Ethylene Projects Time Table
2-2-1-3-2- Details of Ongoing Olefins/Poly Ethylene Projects
2-2-1-4- Propylene & Poly Propylene Projects
2-2-1-4-1- Propylene & Poly Propylene Projects Time Table
2-2-1-4-2- Details of Ongoing Propylene & Polypropylene Projects
2-2-1-5- Styrene Projects
2-2-1-5-1- Styrene Projects Time Table
2-2-1-5-2- Details of Ongoing Styrene Projects
2-2-1-6- Other Projects
2-2-1-6-1- Other Projects Time Table
2-2-1-6-2- Details of Ongoing Other Projects
2-2-2- Planned Projects
2-2-2-1- Approved Planned Projects
2-2-2-1-1- Approved Planned Projects Time Table
2-2-2-1-2- Details of Approved Planned Projects Seeking Fund
2-2-2-2- Defined Projects
2-2-2-2-1- Defined Projects Time Table
2-2-2-2-2- Details of Defined Projects

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