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Iran Gas Outlook 2027

Published Date: May 2019
Status: Available (Softcopy)

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As the third largest gas producer and one of the largest producers of gas liquids and gas condensates in the world, Iran intends to continue development trend of its gas industry in line with its ‘twenty-year development outlook’, which started in March 2006, under 4 five-year development plans. The Planning Outlook had been initially scheduled to end in March 2026; however, because Iran’s ‘6th Five-Year Development Plan’, or ‘3rd stage of Outlook Plan’, faced a one-year delay, the Plan was postponed to March 2027.

At present, following the re-imposition of the US unilateral sanctions on Iran oil industry since early 2018, the country’s plan to utilize international financial resources and technology to develop and upgrade its upstream and downstream gas industry has faced difficulties, which caused the projects to experience many delays and thus, fall behind the target.

Considering the above obstacles, ‘Iran Gas Outlook 2027’ demonstrates the latest revised figures on production state as well as consumption of gas and its derivatives in this period and attempts to provide comprehensive information on current production, consumption and export figures and future estimate of Iran rich gas, sweet gas, condensate, NGL, LNG, LPG and ethane products up to March 2027.

Table of Contents:

1- General Outlook of Iran Gas Industry
1-1- General Outlook of Iran Gas Industry
1-2- Iran’s 20-Year Gas & Gas Products Figures Comparison

2- Iran Rich Gas Outlook by March 2027
2-1- Iran Rich Gas Outlook by March 2027

3- Iran Sweet Gas Outlook by March 2027
3-1- Outlook of Iran Sweet Gas Production/Consumption
3-2- Iran Gas Refining Capacity Estimation by March 2027
3-3- Iran NGL Plants Capacity Estimation by March 2027
3-4- Iran LNG Plants Capacity Estimation by March 2027

4- Iran Gas Condensate Outlook by March 2027
4-1- Details on Gas Condensate Production Capacity Estimation
4-2- Details on Gas Liquids Production Capacity Estimation
4-3- Gas Liquids and Condensate Main consumers
4-4- Gas Liquids and Condensate Balance (Production, Consumption & Exports)

5- Iran Ethane Outlook by March 2027
5-1- Estimation of Ethane Production at Gas & Petrochemical Plants (2027)
5-2- Estimation of Iran Future Ethane Consumption by Sources (2027)
5-3- Iran Ethane Production/Consumption Balance (2027)

6- Iran LPG Outlook by March 2027
6-1- LPG Production Estimation of Oil Refineries by March 2027
6-2- LPG Production Estimation of Gas Refineries by March 2027
6-3- LPG Production Estimation of Petrochemical Plants by March 2027
6-4- LPG Consumption Estimation by March 2027
6-5- LPG Production/Consumption Balance by March 2027

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