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Iran Ethane Survey 2017

Published Date: December 2017
Status: Available (Softcopy)

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Having housed huge gas and hydrocarbon reserves, Iran is currently among one of the potential producers of ethane in the world, and will remain among major global ethane producers in the future.

Over the past two decades, when Iran started developing South Pars gas field, the production of natural gas as well as gas condensates has been the main target, while no serious attention paid to ethane production. Therefore, considering the expansion of the capacity of gas based olefins units in recent years, ethane shortage as the feedstock for these units has been quite tangible.

Production and consumption of ethane is foreseen to take an increasing trend within the next decade, and based on the projects related to the construction of ethane production plants as well as consumption units, ethane production rate will constantly exceed its consumption. Of course, this would depend on the maximum use of production capacity (nominal capacity) of ethane recovery units, which has not yet occurred in Iran.

Major ethane production rate in the next 10 years shall be from the gas refineries located in the South Pars region; meanwhile the NGL units will be also playing a significant role. It seems in 2025, the production and consumption of ethane in Iran would reach its ultimate level, and thus, start to retain its constant trend afterwards.

Table of Contents:

1- Iran Current Ethane Production by Sources
1-1- South Pars Ethane Production Capacity and Actual Production
1-2- Ethane Production Capacity and Actual Production of Petrochemical as well as other Gas Plants
2- Iran Current Ethane Consumption
3- Estimation of Iran Future Ethane Production by Sources (2027)
4- Estimation of Iran Future Ethane Consumption by Sources (2027)
5- Iran Ethane Production/Consumption Balance (2027)
6- Ongoing Ethane Production Projects
7- Planned Ethane Production Projects
8- Ongoing Ethane Consumption Projects
9- Planned Ethane Consumption Projects
10- Iran Long-term Ethane Feed Price Formula
11- Iran Ethane Outlook for 2035

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