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Iran Upstream Oil Survey 2017

Published Date: October 2017
Status: Available (Softcopy)

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Once sanctions against Iran started to ease in January 2016, Iran oil ministry began to attract the attention of international companies towards Iran oil, gas and petrochemical industry, oil upstream sector in particular; however, due to some reasons including extension of restrictions on banking, fear about viability of sanctions snapback, lack of expert and experienced technical, commercial, financial and legal human resources in Iran oil industry - both in client and contracting companies - to conduct discussions, the ministry failed to achieve its planned goals for implementing upstream oil projects.

The main stress of Iran oil ministry in implementing the new round of Iran upstream oil projects is to increase the recovery rate of oil reservoirs by employing cutting-edge technologies.

With an aim to enhance the capability of local companies to implement future upstream oil and gas projects, the ministry has allowed the creation of local E&P companies and lets them to form partnership with international oil companies in the upstream sector.

‘Iran Upstream Oil Survey 2017’, is a comprehensive guide for those involved in Iran business development, investment strategy, oil upstream projects, operations, resources and market analysis.

This survey attempts to provide comprehensive information on current and past (over a 16-year period) development in Iran oil reserves, oil upstream projects and geophysics projects. The report provides brief information on 100 Iranian hydrocarbon blocks – both onshore and offshore.

It provides an overview of major local and foreign oil companies involved in Iran oil upstream sector including fields’ development, surface facilities and geophysical surveying projects along with a summary of these projects in the past 16 years.

The data related to production and exports of Iran crude oil of the past 17 years will be also examined in the survey.

Table of Contents:

1- Crude Oil Production & Exports Statistics
1-1- Crude Oil Production & Export in Past 17 Years

2- Oil Exploration
2-1- Overview
2-2- Oil Discoveries in Past 12 Years
2-3- Exploratory Hydrocarbon Blocks
2-3-1- Map of Iran Exploratory Blocks
2-4- Exploration Projects
2-4-1- Current Exploration Projects
2-4-2- Planned Exploration Projects
2-4-3- Exploration Projects in Past 16 Years
2-4-3-1- Completed Projects
2-4-3-2- Canceled Projects
2-4-3-3- Suspended Projects

3- Seismic Survey
3-1- 2D & 3D Data Acquisitions Statistics in Past 11 Years
3-2- Seismic Projects in Past 17 Years
3-3- Companies Involved in Seismic Projects in Past 17 Years

4- Hydrocarbon Reservoirs Studies
4-1- Onshore Hydrocarbon Reservoirs Study Projects
4-2- Offshore Hydrocarbon Reservoirs Study Projects
4-3- MoUs Signed Between NIOC and IOCs to Study Hydrocarbon Reservoirs
4-4- MoUs Signed Between NISOC and IOCs to Study Hydrocarbon Reservoirs

5- Oilfields Development
5-1- Oilfields Development Projects in Past 16 Years
5-1-1- Onshore Projects
5-1-2- Offshore Projects
5-2- Companies Involved in Major Oil Development Projects in Past 16 Years
5-2-1- Onshore Oilfield Development Projects
5-2-2- Offshore Oilfield Development Projects
5-3- Planned Oilfields Development Projects
5-3-1- Onshore Projects
5-3-2- Offshore Projects
5-3-3- Oil Installations Projects

6- Oil Production Units & Desalting Plants
6-1- Existing Onshore Oil Production Units
6-2- Existing Offshore Oil Production Units
6-3- Crude Oil Production Unit Projects in Past 15 Years
6-4- Existing Oil Desalting Plants
6-5- Current/Planned Desalting Projects
6-6- Crude Oil Desalting Projects in Past 15 Years

7- Upstream Market Analysis (Contractual, Commercial & Financial)
7-1- Challenges (Contractual, Managerial, Commercial, Financial & Technical)
7-2- Iran Petroleum Contract (IPC) Framework
7-2-1- Brief History of IPC Approval Procedure
7-2-2- Final Approved Basic Terms of IPC
7-2-3- NISOC Special Contract Terms

8- Appendix
8-1- Iranian E&P Companies Qualified by NIOC
8-2- International E&P Companies Qualified by NIOC
8-3- List of Upstream Oil State Clients

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