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Iran Upstream Gas Survey 2017

Published Date: August 2017
Status: Available (Softcopy)

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Having numerous untapped independent gas reservoirs as well as gas layers in its oilfields, Iran upstream gas industry has a very strong potential to witness significant growth and attract new investments in the short, medium to long term future.

The international sanctions have had a restricted impact on Iran’s potentials to access sufficient capital and technology to develop its extensive reservoirs, and to push ahead with further exploration. Moreover, low oil prices are straining the government revenues and budget towards gas exploration and development. The same is occurring with regard to tapping the gas fields while there is no sufficient investment for field maintenance.

There are numerous investment opportunities in the upstream sector of Iran gas industry and discovery of new gas reserves in different parts of Iran including Zagros region, the northeast of Iran, the Caspian Sea as well as the Persian Gulf regions. In addition, there are about 40 untapped or under developed gas fields or gas layers - both onshore and offshore - that provide a great opportunity for investment of oil companies.

IranOilGas Network annual report on ‘Iran Upstream Gas Survey 2017’ has set the agenda for strong perspectives on strategy formulation for all the investors interested in Iran upstream gas industry. It attempts to contain comprehensive information about the past, current and future developments in Iran gas reservoirs, gas exploratory blocks as well as rich gas production.

The survey delivers details of current projects along with the development /expansion plans Iran has placed on agenda for new investments.

The survey identifies the investment opportunities in Iran upstream gas industry, and denotes both its positive and negative aspects as well as the relevant existing challenges. It also reflects the final framework of new ‘Iran petroleum contract’ model (IPC).

Table of Contents:

1- Exploration

1-1- Iran Potential Gas Reserves
1-2- Gas Fields/Layers Discovered between 1980-2016
1-2-1- Onshore Gas Fields/Layers
1-2-2- Offshore Gas Fields/Layers
1-2-3- Map of Iran Gas Fields
1-3- Potential Exploration Targets
1-4- Exploratory Blocks with Gas Potentials
1-5- Unconventional Gas Reservoirs
1-6- Gas Hydrate Reservoirs
1-7- Shale Gas

2- Development

2-1- Ongoing Projects
2-1-1- Projects to Develop Independent Offshore Gas Fields
2-2- Planned/Potential Projects
2-2-1- Details on Planned Onshore Gas Field Projects
2-2-2- Details on Planned Offshore Gas Field Projects
2-2-3- Details on Planned Gas Layers of Oilfield Projects
2-3- Developers Active in Gas Projects over Past 17 Years

3- Production

3-1- Production of Rich Gas Last Year
3-2- Production of Rich Gas in Past 19 Years
3-3- Rich Gas Production Planned till 2022
3-4- Active Gas Fields
3-4-1- Active Onshore Gas Fields
3-4-2- Active Offshore Gas Fields

4- Market Analysis

4-1- Market Size
4-2- Challenges (Contractual, Managerial, Commercial, Financial & Technical)
4-3- Market Strengths
4-4- Market Weaknesses
4-5- Market Threats
4-6- Iranian E&P Companies Qualified by NIOC
4-7- International E&P Companies Qualified by NIOC
4-8- Agreements Signed with Companies to Develop Iran Gas Fields
4-9- Available Means to Secure Funds for Projects
4-9-1- Development and Production Operations Service Contract

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