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Iran LPG Survey 2016

Published Date: September 2016
Status: Available (Softcopy)

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Iran liquid petroleum gas (LPG) production that has adopted a climbing trend in the past couple of years, takes place in three oil refining, gas refining and petrochemical plants.

Considering the expansion plans of gas and oil refineries as well as petrochemical complexes in Iran,  LPG production of the country will witness an increasing move within the next 5-10 years, so that the its production rate will be raised by four times in 2026.

Despite the rise in Iran LPG production, LPG consumption of the country will decline in the next 10 years, so that in 2026 it would expected to be cut into half compared to its current consumption rate.

With regard to LPG production and consumption trend in Iran, this country should conduct an accurate planning for the future exports as well as creating a local market for this product.

‘Iran LPG Survey 2016’ will examine the data related to production, consumption and exports of Iran LPG of the past 5 to 10 years, of present and of the next decade.

In addition, it gives a clear picture on Iran LPG outlook to 2025 in terms of production and the relevant consumptions as well as export.

Table of Contents:

1- LPG Production (Present and Past)

1-1- LPG Production Last Year
1-2- LPG Production in Past 5 Years
1-3- LPG Production at Oil Refineries Last Year
1-4- LPG Production at Oil Refineries in Past 9 Years
1-5- LPG Production at Gas Refineries Last Year
1-6- LPG Production at Gas Refineries in Past 10 Years
1-7- LPG Production at Petrochemical Plants Last Year
1-8- LPG Production at Petrochemical Plants in Past 5 Years

2- LPG Production Estimation by March 2026

2-1- LPG Production Estimation at Oil Refineries by March 2026
2-2- LPG Production Estimation at Gas Refineries by March 2026
2-3- LPG Production Estimation at Petrochemical Plants by March 2026

3- LPG Consumption (Present and Past)

3-1- LPG Consumption Last Year
3-2- LPG Consumption in Past 10 Years
3-3- LPG Production/Consumption Balance in Past 5 Years

4- LPG Consumption Estimation by  March 2026

4-1- LPG Consumption Estimation by March 2026
4-2- LPG Production/Consumption Balance by March 2026

5 - Appendix

5-1- NIOC Guaranteed Specification for LPG
5-2- LPG Specification of Bandar Imam Petrochemicals
5-3- LPG Specification of Kharg Petrochemicals
5-4- LPG Specification of Pars Petrochemicals
5-5- LPG Specification of Bouali Sina Petrochemicals
5-6- LPG Specification of SPGC 6, 7 & 8
5-7- NIGC Guaranteed Specification for LPG

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