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Iran Downstream Gas Survey 2016

Published Date: August 2016
Status: Available (Softcopy)

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Subsequent to lifting the imposed sanctions against Iran in early 2016, the country hopes to renovate/upgrade and expand its downstream gas industry, utilizing advanced technology and international financial resources.

‘Iran Downstream Gas Survey 2016’ attempts to provide comprehensive information on current, past and future developments in Iran gas refineries, pipelines and booster stations as well as mini LNG/FLNG and GTL projects.

The survey provides detailed information on current and past gas downstream projects underway and the development /expansion plans Iran has on agenda for new investments.

‘Iran Downstream Gas Survey 2016’ will examine the data related to production, consumption and exports of Iran natural gas and gas products of the past decade, of present and of the next decade.

The survey also provides detailed information on current and past gas refining and transmission as well as NGL projects underway and the development /expansion plans Iran has on agenda for new relevant projects. 

In addition, it gives a clear picture on Iran gas downstream outlook to 2025 in terms of production and relevant consumptions as well as exports.

Table of Contents:

1- Statistics

1-1- Natural Gas Production (Present and Past)
1-1-1- Sweet Gas Production Last Year
1-1-2- Sweet Gas Production in Past 10 Years
1-1-3- Gas Refining Capacity and Actual Production Last Year
1-1-4- Gas Production at Refineries in Past 10 Year
1-1-5- Production of Gas By-Products at Gas Refineries
1-1-5-1- LPG Production
1-1-5-2- Sulfur Production
1-1-5-3- Ethane Production

1-2- Natural Gas Consumption/ Import & Export (Present and Past)
1-2-1- Gas Consumption (Present and Past)
1-2-1-1- Gas Consumption by Petrochemical Complexes (Present and Past)
1-2-1-2- CNG Consumption (Present and Past)
1-2-2- Gas Imports (Present and Past)
1-2-3- Gas Exports (Present and Past)

1-3- Natural Gas Transmission 
1-3-1- Constructed Gas Pipelines and Pressure Booster Stations
1-3-2- Operational Gas Pipelines and Pressure Booster Stations

1-4- Gas Figures by March 2026
1-4-1- General Outlook of Iran Gas Production/Consumption
1-4-2- General Outlook of Iran Gas Industry
1-4-3- Iran Gas Refining Capacity Estimation by 2026
1-4-4- Iran NGL Plants Capacity Estimation by 2026
1-4-5- Iran LNG Plants Capacity Estimation by 2026

2- Ongoing Projects

2-1- Gas Refining Projects
2-2- Gas Transmission Projects
2-3- Gas Booster Station Projects
2-4- Underground Gas Storage Projects
2-5- LNG Projects
2-6- Gas Gathering & NGL Projects

3- Planned Projects

3-1- Gas Gathering and NGL Projects
3-2- Gas Transmission Projects
3-3- Underground Gas Storage Projects
3-3-1- Potential Underground Gas Storages
3-3-2- Iran’s Potential Underground Gas Reservoirs Map
3-4- Gas Refining Projects
3-5- Gas Gathering and Booster Stations Projects

4- GTL, Mini LNG and Associated Gas Projects

4-1- GTL Plants
4-2- Mini LNG Plants
4-3- Associated Gas Projects

5- Appendix

5-1- Existing Gas Refineries Yields
5-2- Existing NGL Plants
5-3- Existing Gas Booster Stations

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