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Iran Gas Liquids & Condensate Survey 2016

Published Date: July 2016
Status: Available (Softcopy)

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Subsequent to lifting sanctions imposed on Iran in early 2016, the country hopes to get back to the international markets and raise the volume of its trades with other countries.

Following the implementation and completion of gas field’s development projects over the past two decades, Iran is currently one of the largest producers of gas condensates in the world. The development trend of Iran gas fields is planned to continue in the next decade and, as a result, the gas condensates production rate of the country will definitely increase.

In line with the increasing production rate of gas liquid and condensates in Iran, the consumption rate of these products will also rise by commissioning new gas condensates refining projects as well as petrochemical complexes within the next five years.

The exports trend of Iran gas condensates will be hiking within the next five years; however, it will take up a leveled off or declining trend afterwards, unless new gas field development projects, which result in more condensate production,  are introduced.

‘Iran Gas Liquids & Condensate Survey 2016’ will examine the data related to production, consumption and exports of Iran gas liquid and condensates of the past decade, of present and of the next decade.

The survey also provides detailed information on current and historical gas condensate and NGL projects underway and the development /expansion plans Iran has on agenda for new relevant projects. 

In addition, it gives a clear picture on Iran gas liquids and condensate outlook to 2025 in terms of production and the relevant consumptions as well as export.

Table of Contents:

1- Gas Liquids and Condensate Production

1-1- Gas Liquids and Condensate Production Last Year
1-2- Gas Liquids and Condensate Production in Past 10 Years
1-3- Condensate Production in Gas Refineries Last Year
1-4- Condensate Production in Gas Refineries in Past 10 Years

2- Gas Liquids and Condensate Consumption / Exports

2-1- Gas Liquids and Condensate Consumption/Exports Pattern Last Year 
2-2- Gas Liquids and Condensate Exports Last Year 
2-3- Gas Liquids and Condensate Exports in Past 8 Years

3- Gas Liquids and Condensate Outlook by 2025

3-1- Gas Liquids and Condensate Balance (Production, Consumption & Exports)
3-2- Details on Gas Condensate Production Capacity Estimation
3-3- Details on Gas Liquids Production Capacity Estimation

4- Gas Condensate Refining Projects

4-1- Ongoing Gas Condensate Refining Projects
4-2- Planned Gas Condensate Refining Projects

5- Gas Gathering & NGL Projects

5-1- Ongoing Gas Gathering & NGL Projects
5-2- Planned Gas Gathering & NGL Projects

6- Appendix

6-1- Existing Gas Gathering & NGL Plants
6-2- Condensate Specifications
6-2-1- South Pars Phase 1 Condensate Specifications
6-2-2- South Pars Phases 2&3 Condensate Specifications
6-2-3- South Pars Phases 4&5 Condensate Specifications
6-2-4- South Pars Phases 6-8 Condensate Specifications
6-2-5- South Pars Phases 9&10 Condensate Specifications
6-2-6- Kangan Condensate Specifications
6-2-7- Ilam Condensate Specifications
6-2-8- Marun Khami Condensate Specifications
6-2-9- Sarkhoun Condensate Specifications
6-2-10- Parsian Condensate Specifications
6-2-11- Gavarzin Condensate Specifications
6-2-12- Hashemi Nejad (Khangiran) Condensate Specifications
6-3- Condensate Refineries Processing Units
6-3-1- Persian Gulf Star Condensate Refinery
6-3-2- Siraf Condensate Park
6-3-3- Pars Condensate Refinery

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