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Iran Upstream Oil Survey 2015

Published Date: October 2015
Status: Available (Hardcopy / Softcopy)

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Over the past years, the circumstances in Iran under sanctions were such that international oil and gas companies have been banned from making any investments in Iran oil and gas industry; in addition, due to lack of financial resources and appropriate equipment, local companies have also been unable to implement major upstream and downstream oil and gas projects.

Upon lifting the sanctions, Iran upstream oil industry is expected to witness significant growth and attract new investments over the short, medium to long term.

‘Iran Upstream Oil Survey 2015’ report proves a strong guide for strategy formulation of all the players interested in Iran upstream oil industry.

The report provides brief information of over 90 Iranian hydrocarbon blocks - onshore and offshore, categorized based on NIOC’s exploration priorities.

‘Iran Upstream Oil Survey 2015’, attempts to provide comprehensive information on current and past (up to 15 years period) developments in Iran oil reserves, its oil production and exports, upstream oil projects, drilling and geophysics projects.

The survey identifies over 40 investment opportunities in Iran upstream oil industry –fields by fields- and denotes both its positive and negative aspects as well as the relevant existing challenges.

The survey provides an overview on major local and foreign oil companies involved in Iran oil upstream sector including fields development, drilling and geophysics projects along with a summary of their projects in the past 15 years.

This survey is a comprehensive guide for those involved in business development, investment strategy, projects, operations, resources and market analysis.

Table of Contents:

1- Upstream Oil Statistics

1-1- Crude Oil Production & Export in Past 15 Years      

2- Oil Exploration

2-1- Exploration
2-2- Fresh Oil Discoveries in Past 10 Years
2-3- Iran Exploratory Blocks
2-3-1- Map of Iran Exploratory Blocks
2-4- Exploration Projects in Past 15 Years
2-4-1- Completed Projects
2-4-2- Canceled Projects
2-4-3- Suspended Projects

3- Oilfields Development

3-1- Oilfields Development
3-1-1- Onshore Projects
3-1-2- Offshore Projects
3-1-3- Crude Oil Desalting Projects
3-1-4- Oil Upstream Clients
3-2- Companies Involved in Major Oil Development Projects in Past 15 Years
3-2-1- Onshore Oilfield Development Projects
3-2-2- Offshore Oilfield Development Projects

4- Drilling Survey

4-1- Owned & Leased Drilling Rigs in Year ended March 2015
4-2- Companies Involved in Drilling Projects in Past 15 Years

5- Seismic Survey

5-1- 2D & 3D Data Acquisitions in Past 9 Years
5-2- Seismic Projects in Past 13 Years
5-3- Companies Involved in Seismic Projects in Past 15 Years

6- Oil Upstream Investment Opportunities

6-1- Investment Opportunities in Upstream Oil
6-1-1- Onshore Investment Opportunities
6-1-2- Offshore Investment Opportunities
6-1-3- Oil Installations Investment Opportunities
6-2- Available Means to Secure Funds of Projects
6-3- Strengths, Weak Points and Challenges
6-3-1- Potentials
6-3-2- Weak Points
7- Iran Petroleum Contract (IPC) Framework

7-1- Main Concerns
7-2- Main Features of New Model
7-3- Number of Model contract
7-4- Partnership
7-5- Operator take & Government take7-6- Costs
7-7- Cost Saving
7-8- Cost Recovery
7-9- Recovery of NIOC share of costs
7-10- Rewards Models (Fees)
7-11- Incentives & Revenue Adjustments
7-12- Force majeure and Consequences
7-13- Settlement of dispute
7-14- Flexibilities of New Model

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