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Contractors of South Pars Phases 1-10

Published Date: May 2005
Status: Available (Hardcopy / Softcopy)

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Iran’s endeavors to tap into its, world’s second largest, gas reserves have been manifested in the drive to develop the country’s ‘South Pars’ giant gas field, housing almost half of Iran’s gas reserves, in multiple phases. The first five phases of ‘South Pars’ have already been developed and are producing significant volumes of gas, condensate and other byproducts. The remaining phases are at various stages of development or feasibility studies. As a rule, contractors are elemental in getting a project done. More particularly so in sizeable projects like the ones for the ‘South Pars’, where contractors have been playing their parts in its various phases too. For the benefit of interested local and foreign companies, Iran Oil Gas Network has prepared this unique report about the contractors involved in the projects to develop the first ten phases of ‘South Pars’. The report is broadly categorized into ‘Offshore’ and ‘Onshore’ sectors and each sector is in turn classified into subsectors. Relevant contractors of each subsector, along with their contact details, are provided in the report.

Table of Contents:

1- South Pars Phase 1
2- South Pars Phases 2 & 3
3- South Pars Phases 4 & 5
4- South Pars Phases 6, 7 & 8
5- South Pars Phases 9 & 10

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