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Iran Oil & Gas Fields

Published Date: November 2014
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Iran is considered to be among the countries rich in hydrocarbon reserves. However, the access to a set of comprehensive data on the reservoirs of the country is patchy and can be pretty daunting.

In line with the objectives Iran oil ministry has set forward for exploration and development of the hydrocarbon reservoirs of the country, IranOilGas Network has decided to gather and categorize a general dataset on Iran hydrocarbon fields as a Report titled ‘Iran Oil & Gas Fields’, so as to provide easy access to those companies interested to be present in Iran upstream oil and gas industry.

Based on the official figures released by Iran oil ministry, the total recoverable reserves of crude oil and gas condensates of the country have been estimated to be set at about 157 billion barrels which compose approximately 10% of the global crude oil resources. The entire recoverable gas reserves of Iran have also been estimated 33.8 trillion cubic meters which account for over 18% of the global natural gas resources.

The main crude oil produced in Iran comes from Asemari and Bangestan formations, while Dehram and Khami formations account for the total natural gas production of the country. At present, largest part of the oil produced in Iran is from Asemari formation while Sarvak (Bangestan) formation houses a considerable volume of recoverable oil.

Work to prepare this Report began over a year ago and the database for each of the fields include its general information, latest status of its exploration and development, and its pre-set plans along with its location map.

The Report puts its focus and muscle to provide its readers with an accurate and updated database which has been collected from the latest news and information released in the Iran oil ministry’s publications and websites as well as the reports and books published by the relevant expert individuals and organizations.

This Report can be a valuable resource for companies and research institutes active in oil and gas industry and in particular in its upstream sector, in order to be informed of the latest status of the hydrocarbon fields of Iran, especially exploration and development plans of the fields.

This Report covers general information on over 190 developed, being developed, undeveloped hydrocarbon fields and reservoirs as well as their exploration objectives and location maps.

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