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Iran’s Petrochemical Yearbook 2010

Published Date: August 2010
Status: Available (Hardcopy / Softcopy)

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In line with its practice of covering all information, facts, figures and statistics of Iran’s petroleum Industry, IranOilGas Network has embarked on publishing its 4th successive Yearbook arranged in four categories which comprises ‘Iran Upstream Oil & Gas’, ‘Iran Downstream Oil’, ‘Iran Downstream Gas’, and ‘Iran Petrochemicals’, and contains all that took place in Iran’s Petroleum Industry over the past Iranian year - 20th of March 2009 to 20th of March 2010. Over the past year, the growth rate of petrochemical products was about 14.6% compared to its previous year.

During this period, Iran produced 2.4% of the world’s petrochemical products and 25.85% of that of the Middle East, which experienced a 12.14% and a 2.17% year-on-year increase respectively.

Although falling way behind schedule, the export rate of petrochemical products - in terms of volume - rose about 15% compared to its previous year.

Similar to other sectors affiliated with oil industry, Iran’s petrochemical projects has achieved no such significant goals last year. Not only have no new projects been started in this sector, but the number of the projects which got on stream was also much fewer than what was predicted. Among the main reasons was unavailability of sufficient financial resources as well as key equipment for the construction of petrochemical plants.

Privatization of the petrochemical companies - which in accord with Article 44 of Iran’s constitution should have been pursued in the past year - was carried out confusedly and on all-too-slow steps. Only some shares of a number of petrochemical companies were awarded as ‘Justice Shares’ or transferred to pay off the government’s debts.

In this edition of ‘Iran Petrochemical Yearbook’ - besides statistics - an overview of all projects ongoing in the petrochemical sector last year has been also provided. IranOilGas Network is pleased with the administration and the great care taken in ensuring that the statistics and figures provided in its Yearbooks are all authentic, reliable and as per information disclosed by official sources and the database available on the Network.

Note: Throughout this Yearbook, ‘last year’ means Iranian year started on 20th of March 2009 and ended on 20th of March 2010.

Table of Contents:

1- Petrochemical Statistics 
1-1- Petrochemical Production
1-1-1- Iran’s Petrochemical Production in Past 6 Years
1-1-2- Iran’s Share in World/Middle East Petrochemical Production Capacity
1-1-3- Actual Production of Petrochemical Complexes in Past 4 Years
1-2- Petrochemical Export
1-2-1- Geographical Distribution of Petrochemical Exports during Last Year
1-2-2- Actual Export Volume/ Value of Petrochemical Complexes in Past 4 Years
1-2-3- Comparison of Export Figures in Past 4 Years
1-3- Petrochemical Local Sales
1-3-1- Actual Local Sales Figures of Petrochemical Complexes in Past 2 Years
1-3-2- Comparison of Local Sales Figures in Past 3 Years
1-4- Future Plans of Iran’s Petrochemical
1-4-1- Investment Needed for Petrochemical Sector

2- Petrochemical Projects
2-1- NPC’s Projects Brought on Stream Last Year
2-2- NPC’s Performance in Projects in Past 6 Years
2-3- Physical Progress of Petrochemical Projects at PSEEZ (Assalouyeh)
2-4- Physical Progress of Petrochemical Projects at Mahshahr
2-5- Physical Progress of Petrochemical Projects in Other Regions
2-6- Details of Petrochemical Projects at PSEEZ (Assalouyeh)
2-7- Details of Petrochemical Projects at Mahshahr
2-8- Details of Petrochemical Projects in other Regions
2-9- NPC’s Projects planned to be on stream this year
12-10- List of NPC’s Under-Study Projects

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