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Statistical and Analytical Reports

Iran Gas & Condensate Survey 2008

Published Date: June 2008
Status: Available (Hardcopy / Softcopy)

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Possession of 940 Trillion Cubic Feet of gas, 18% of that of the world, puts Iran’s reserves as number two after Russia’s. The largest Iranian gas field is called South Pars, which is shared with Qatar and houses an estimated volume of 464 tcf of gas.

Condensate is usually produced as an integral component of natural gas production. The volume of condensate reserves in South Pars gas field alone is estimated at 18 bln bbls.

The present report, updated for the third time in May 2008, is an attempt to shed some light on the present volumes of direct production of gas, production of associated gases, production of condensate, breakdown of gas consumption in different sectors of Iran and the volumes of gas export and that planned for late March 2010. The report also looks at the present upstream and downstream gas projects and those planned to be ready by late March 2010.

All information provided in this survey are based on the reports/data available with IranOilGas Network or provided by officials in companies affiliated to Iran’s ministry of petroleum.

Table of Contents:

Part 1: Gas Report
1- Gas Production
1-1- Direct Production from gas fields
1-1-1- Existing gas production capacity
1-1-2- Actual gas production status
1-1-3- Gas production capacity planned for by late March 2010
1-2- Gas production from gas layers of oil fields and gas domes
1-3- Production of Associated Gases
1-4- Total gas production capacity

2- Gas refining and dehydration
2-1- Existing Capacity
2-2- Actual production
2-3- Refining capacity planned to be attained by late March 2010

3- Local consumption
3-1- Volume of local consumption by late March 2008
3-2- Volume of gas consumption foreseen by late March 2010
3-3- Breakdown of Iran’s gas consumption by late March 2008

4- Gas injection into Iran’s oil fields
5- Gas consumption of petrochemical industries
6- Natural gas exports
7- Natural gas imports
8- Production /consumption balance
9- Active independent gas fields
10- Gas Projects
11- Gas gathering and NGL projects
12- Major Gas pipeline projects
13- LNG Projects
14- Gas refining projects
15- Gas storage projects
16- Gas production/consumption statistics in past 10 years

Part 2: Condensate Report
1- Condensate Production
1-1- Current condensate production capacity
1-2- Condensate production capacity planned by late March 2010

2- Condensate consumption
2-1- Current condensate consumption sectors
2-1-1- Feeding refineries
2-1-2- Feeding petrochemical industries
2-1-3- Export
2-2- Condensate consumption in the refineries by late March 2010
2-2-1- Consumption breakdown

3- Condensate specifications
3-1- Sarkhoun Condensate Specifications
3-2- Parsian Condensate Specifications
3-3- South Pars Condensate Specifications
3-4- Gavarzin Condensate Specifications
3-5- Kangan Condensate Specifications
3-6- Hashemi Nejad (Khanguiran) Condensate Specifications

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