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Iran’s Petroleum Industry Yearbook 2007

Published Date: September 2007
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Iran’s huge oil and gas reserves have always been viewed as potential targets of investments by major and minor oil companies as well as the world’s financial and credit institutes.
Such investments could pave the way for cooperation in exploration, refining and production of oil/gas as well as in the petrochemical industry of the country.

Clearly, potential investors/companies with interest in effective participation in Iran’s oil and gas projects require accurate information about such ventures.

Apart from the daily coverage of all developments in Iran’s petroleum industry, IranOilGas Network has in the past prepared certain ‘Analytical Reports’ about different sectors of the industry.

Drawing on its seven years of experience in providing reliable and accurate information about Iran’s oil, gas and petrochemical domains, the Network has this time embarked on preparing a report of different sort about the said sectors. It is called ‘Iran’s Petroleum Industry Yearbook’.

‘Iran’s Petroleum Industry Yearbook’ is an attempt to shed light on the activities carried out in Iran’s oil, gas and petrochemical industries during the past Iranian year (March 20th 2006 to March 20th 2007).

The Yearbook covers all activities carried out, in the said period, in the upstream and downstream sectors of Iran’s oil, gas and petrochemical sectors of the said industries in Iran.

IranOilGas Network intends to continue providing its readership with such annual reports in the coming years.

The Yearbook is categorized into three main parts of, Iran’s activities in its ‘oil and gas upstream sector’, in its ‘oil and gas downstream sector’ and finally in its ‘petrochemical industry sector’.

The ‘oil and gas upstream sector’ category deals with the exploratory and developmental projects executed so far in Iran or the ones underway, along with the relevant statistics in the said year.

The ‘oil and gas downstream sector’ category examines different oil and gas refining and pipeline projects plus the detailed statistics of production and consumption of oil and gas products in the said period.

The ‘petrochemical industry sector’ category focuses on all petrochemical activities carried out in the past (Iranian) year along with their pertinent statistics.

All information provided in this report are based on the data available with IranOilGas Network and/or provided by official sources affiliated to Iran’s ministry of petroleum.

Table of Contents:

1- Oil & Gas Upstream Sector
1-1- Exploration
1-1-1- Exploration Projects
1-1-2- Seismic Projects
1-1-3- Exploratory Drilling
1-1-4- Drilling Rigs
1-2- Development
1-2-1- Crude Oil
1-2-1-1- Crude Oil Developmental Projects (New Ventures)
1-2-1-1-1- Onshore Projects
1-2-1-1-2- Offshore Projects
1-2-1-2- Projects to raise crude oil production capacity
1-2-1-2-1- Onshore fields
1-2-1-2-2 - Offshore fields
1-2-1-3- Heavy crude oil pilot production projects
1-2-1-4- Crude oil desalting projects
1-2-1-5- Crude oil export
1-2-2- Gas
1-2-2-1- Projects to develop independent gas fields
1-2-2-1-1- Developmental projects of onshore gas fields
1-2-2-1-2- Developmental projects of offshore gas fields
1-2-3- Gas Gathering & NGL Projects

2- Oil & Gas Downstream Sector
2-1- Crude Oil Refining
2-1-1- Oil Refining Projects
2-1-1-1- Projects to build new refineries
2-1-1-2- Expanding and upgrading the existing refineries
2-1-2- Petroleum products import
2-1-3- Petroleum products consumption volume
2-1-4- Crude oil/petroleum products pipeline projects
2-2- Gas Refining
2-2-1- Gas refining projects
2-2-2- Gas refining and consumption
2-2-3- Gas transmission projects
2-2-4- Gas export projects
2-2-5- LNG projects
2-2-6- Underground gas storage projects

3- Petrochemical
3-1- Petrochemical projects
3-1-1- Petrochemical projects at Pars Special Economic/Energy Zone
3-1-2- Petrochemical projects at Petrochemical Special Economic Zone
3-1-3- Petrochemical Projects in Other Regions
3-2- Production and export

4- Oil/Gas plans by 2025
4-1- Oil upstream
4-2- Gas upstream
4-3- Oil downstream
4-4- Gas downstream
4-5- Natural gas fuel and feed for petrochemical plants

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