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Projects Trackers
Parsian Ethane Recovery
17 April 2021
The project to construct Iran’s Parsian C2+ recovery plant has officially come on stream.
The project has two parts. In part-I 74 mcm/d of rich gas feed received from Parsian Gas Refinery will be dehydrated and its methane is separated and the remaining C2+ (3.3 Mln tons per annum) will be transferred to the site of part-II through a 63 km pipeline.
Part-II will separate the ethane and higher cuts and inject the ethane cut (1.3 Mln tons per annum) to the relevant ethane pipeline to be used by petrochemical plants, and transfer the propane, butane (1.0 Mln tons per annum) and gas condensate (1.0 Mln tons per annum) to the relevant export storage tanks for exports.
The project’s investment volume is $1.013 Bln, which has been provided from the two main sources of facilities of the NDF and the shareholders, which include Tadbir Energy Development Group, Parsian Financial Group and Pars Oil Co.
Projects Trackers
Naft Shahr
13 April 2021
NIDC has started the drilling operation of well #11 of Naftshahr oilfield, the fourth and last well of the EPC/EPD project of Naftshahr oilfield under the sustainable and production boosting plan of ICOFC. The drilling operation of this well is supposed to take 2 months to complete, utilizing “Fath-48” drilling rig.
The drilling operation of this EPC/EPD project was kicked off by relocating ‘Fath-35’ heavy drilling rig on 17th of June 2019 and three wells have so far been drilled.
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