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Projects Trackers
Bandar Abbas Refinery (Gasoline Plant)
23 October 2016
MD of NIORDC said: “The pre-commissioning operation of the gasoline production unit of Bandar Abbas Oil Refinery has started,”
“The boilers will be ready for processing operation as of next week and the commissioning and production stages will then start.”
“From next Saturday onward, the refinery will be at ‘Total shut down’ to connect the new unit with the refinery.”
“Once this project gets implemented by mid-December 2016, the production capacity of Euro-4 standard gasoline will rise by 4 Mln lpd. The existing gasoline production capacity of this refinery will come to 12 Mln lpd.”
Projects Trackers
South Pars Oil Layer
23 October 2016
MD of NIOC: “Until February 2017, we will be producing 35,000 bpd of oil from South Pars oil layer, and thereafter, the proposals submitted by foreign companies for developing phase II of SP oil layer will be considered,”
“Besides Danish Maersk Group, other foreign companies submitted proposals for developing phase II of the SP oil layer, and thus, this oil layer will be definitely put to tender.”
Deputy managing director of NIOC in development and engineering affairs referred to the talks held with Maersk Group on development of phase II of this oil layer, and said: “Talks are underway though no final agreement has been so far reached. This company seems to be among strong companies to develop the SP oil layer.”
“Utilizing the cutting-edge technology and horizontal drilling is among NIOC plans to develop this shared oilfield with Qatar. The companies should use IOR/EOR for its development from the very start.”
Stating that Qatar has already drilled 300 wells to tap the oil layer of this shared field (Al Shaheen), he reminded: “Iran should at least drill one-third of this number so as to be able to raise production from this layer to 200,000 bpd or an amount close to this figure.”
Talks have been recently held between PEDCO and Maersk Group on a 10% joint collaboration in SP oil layer development project; however, no officials have so far either verified or denied this issue.
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