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Projects Trackers
11th Urea/Ammonia (Lordegan Urea/Ammonia)
20 January 2018
The project to construct Lordegan Urea/Ammonia plant has so far made over 83% progress and is expected to get operational by September 2018.
The approximate value of this project is about Euro 520 Mln, which has been secured by Chinese financers and a consortium of HFEC and AVIC of China is the main EPC contractor of the project.
The nominal production capacity of Lordegan Urea/Ammonia plant has been planned to be about 2,050 tons of ammonia and 3,250 tons of urea, for which a volume of about 1 mcm/d of gas feedstock is required.
Projects Trackers
NGL 3200
20 January 2018
The project to construct Iran’s ‘NGL-3200’ plant in West of Karoon River in Khuzestan province is underway, making about 40% headway.
MD of Persian Gulf Yadavaran Gas Refining Co. (PGYGRC): A contract has been signed with Ukrainian Sumy to supply 22 required Compressors of this plant.
The entire gas feed of this 500 mcf/d capacity plant was initially planned to be supplied from the associated gases of Yadavaran, North & South Azadegan, Jufeyr, Band-e-Karkheh and Darkhovin in Arvandan region; however, the two fields of Jufeyr and Band-e-Karkheh have been replaced by North and South Yaran oilfields.
The budget needed for this project is estimated to be about $1.5 Bln that will get secured through local investors, 70% from BIPC and 30% Khatam-Ol-Anbia HQ.
This project includes a Sulfur Recovery unit (SRU) and two main gas pipelines- a 55km length 36” pipeline to carry methane to IGAT VI, and a 185 km long 16” pipeline to transfer C2+ feedstock of Ethane Recovery C2+/Olefins units of BIPC. The sulfur recovery and sweetening technologies are provided by French Prosernat.
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