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Projects Trackers
Kish Development
15 November 2017
MD of PEDEC referred to the five phases defined for development of Kish gas field and announced Shell, as the most serious company intends to get involved in the development of this field.
PEDEC started to develop phase 1 of this field a few years ago that had come to a halt due to a shift in capital. The project has been currently reactivated with an aim just to supply the gas demand across the Kish Island. At present, the installation of a 56” subsea gas pipeline has already started to connect Kish gas field to IGAT VII, through which a part of the gas produced from the existing onshore drilled wells at the island is transferred to Assalouyeh in order to be processed at one of the idle gas refineries.
Agreements have been signed with several companies that had applied to study the field. The results of some of the studies have been submitted while some companies are still busy conducting the studies.
“There are a total of five onshore-offshore phases defined at Kish Island, with an estimated output of 5 bcf/d of gas.”
Projects Trackers
West Ethylene Pipeline (WEP) & Dena Pipeline
14 November 2017
Production control manager at NPC: The petrochemical complexes en-route WEP consumed over 710,000 tons of ethylene by late September 2017. The production growth of these complexes was favorable compared to a year earlier.
Based on the estimates, about 1.3 Mln tons of ethylene will be delivered to petrochemical plants en-route WEP by the end of current (Iranian) year (late March 2018).
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