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Dehloran -IPC
26 October 2020
Background of previous events:
Date: 09 May 2018
Business development director at Petropars: NIOC has signed an agreement with a JV of German Wintershall Group and Petropars to study Dehloran oilfield. Our shares in this project are estimated to be maximum 40%. A draft of the initial MDP of this field has been submitted to NIOC.
Date: 30 January 2018
The Reservoir Management Consulting Committee of NIOC has reviewed the development plan of Dehloran oilfield submitted by Wintershall Holding GmbH. Attaining production targets set by NIOC in this field and its sustainability is the initial plan of this German company.
Date: 25 July 2017
In an interview with Iran Petroleum Magazine, director of business development at Petropars Ltd. (PPL) talked about the PPL’s talks with German's Wintershall to enhance the oil recovery rate of Dehloran oil field.
"I hope our talks will bear fruits by the end of the current Iranian year (21st of March 2018), ending in signing a contract. In this project, Wintershall will be the operator and Petropars will remain non-operator.”
Petropars has no interest to operate projects with over $ 3 Bln Capex, because we currently lack such a capacity. In a letter recently sent to NIOC, we requested them to sign an MoU with us over studying fields that need an investment of less than $1 billion.
Date: 09 October 2016
Russian Tatneft Co. signed an MoU with NIOC to study Dehloran oilfield in Ilam province.
Addressing the ceremony to sign the MoU, MD of NIOC, stressed on the necessity to use advanced methods for production enhancement in Dehloran oilfield, and added: “Tatneft Co. will carry out the studies focusing to enhance the recovery rate of the oilfield.”
Deputy NIOC MD in development and engineering affairs said: “Tatneft has six months ahead to study Dehloran oilfield.”
“Another international company will also work on this field and finally both companies will submit their proposals to NIOC.”
“This oilfield is estimated to house about 5 Bln bbls of oil-in-place, and we hope the amount of oil recoverable in this field to rise by 600- 800 Mln bbls using production boost methods.”
Date: 19 September 2016
Director of hydrocarbon reserves of Corporate Planning Dept. at NIOC had stated that the number of priority hydrocarbon fields of NIOC planned to be offered under IPC has come down from 52 fields to 31 fields. From the released list Dehloran is among their priorities.
Date: 30 November 2015
ICOFC introduced Dehloran oilfield development project under IPC contracts to domestic and foreign companies at IPC Conference in Tehran.
Projects Trackers
Sefid Zakhor, Dey, phase II of Aghar, Sefid Baghoon and Halegan gas fields
26 October 2020
Background of previous events:
Date: 20 June 2016
NIOC intends to develop Sefid Zakhor, Sefid Baghoon, Dey, Halegan and several other fields under IPC contracts to form a gas hub in the south of Fars province.
Date: 30 November 2015
ICOFC introduced Sefid Zakhor, Dey, phase II of Aghar, Sefid Baghoon and Halegan gas fields development projects under IPC contracts to domestic and foreign companies at Tehran Summit in Tehran on 28th of November.
It is foreseen that once the development projects of these five gas fields get activated, a volume of 2,000 mcf/d of gas and 27,000 bpd of gas condensates to be produced from these fields.
In order to be processed, gas production from four gas fields is sent to Jam Gas Refinery and that of Aghar field is sent to Farashband Gas Refinery.
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