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Projects Trackers
19 May 2018
In order to develop and provide logistics services for Karanj oilfield production operation under the contractual model developed by NISOC, an HoA was signed on 16th of May 2018, between NISOC and PERGAS Consortium.
Provided that this agreement turns into a contract, production of maximum 200,000 bpd and cumulative production of about 655 Mln bbls of oil shall be made plausible from this field within ten years, while the direct and indirect cost of which will equal to $1.3 Bln.
The major parts of this project’s scope of work include: reservoir pressure build up to back to its initial pressure by increasing the gas injection volume by about three times compared to the current volume, construction of gas compression and injection stations with a total capacity of 800 mcf/d, installation of associated gas gathering facilities with a capacity to process 280 mcf/d, building a desalting plant of 110,000 bpd capacity, drilling 35 wells in the Pabdeh and Asmari formations of the field, drilling 2 appraisal wells at high pressure khami gas formation of the field with an aim to conduct gas production capacity assessment of this formation, work over of 15 wells plus optimization of the existing wells and installations.
Moreover, to develop a comprehensive enhanced oil recovery (EOR) plan, studies on the field’s simulation and pilot test are expected to be performed in a five-year time, and as a result, the comprehensive EOR project would be performed on the ground of mutual consent.
Projects Trackers
Sumar Oilfield
19 May 2018
Poland's state-run PGNiG S.A. -Polish Oil and Gas Company- has suspended Sumar oilfield project in Iran as the result of the risk from the U.S. imposed sanctions.
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