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Projects Trackers
17th Olefins (Dehloran Olefins)
15 March 2017
Iran oil minister said: The fund required for the construction of Dehloran Petrochemical Complex has been secured.
“The construction process of ‘NGL-3100’, which supplies the feedstock for this petrochemical complex, is currently underway.”
“Construction of this petrochemical plant requires $500 Mln that is expected to be secured through NDF by the end of the current (Iranian) year (21st of March 2017).”
Projects Trackers
Azar Oilfield
15 March 2017
The first stage of EPS of Azar shared oilfield with a production capacity of 15,000 bpd was officially inaugurated 15th of March 2017, in the presence of Iran oil minister.
Iran Oil Minister said: “Our plan is to increase Azar oilfield production rate to 100,000 bpd by implementing its phase II and the development project of this phase is likely to be implemented under the new IPC model.”
Referring to the current recovery rate of Azar oilfield that is about 16%, Zangeneh clarified: “Counting in a volume of 4 Bln bbls of oil-in-place Azar oilfield houses, a 1% increase of its recovery rate would lead to an income of $2 Bln.”
“The associated gases of Azar oilfield would supply a part of the feedstock for ‘NGL-3100’ plant, the output of which will be the feed for Dehloran Petrochemical Co.”
MD of PEDEC, announced that the Capital expenditure (‘CAPEX’) of this project is Euro 1.234 Bln, and said: “At the early production stage (30,000 bpd of crude oil), 10 wells would be drilled and this number will rise to 19 by the end of the project.”
"A temporary processing center has been planned in Azar oilfield’s EPS project to separate oil from water, and then to transfer ther oil to Dehloran oil production unit."
“At the following stage, the construction of Dehloran-Cheshmeh Khosh 63.5 km long oil transfer pipeline as well as a 130 km long gas pipeline for transferring associated gas to ‘NGL-3100’ will be placed on agenda; these gases will be then transferred to ‘NGL-3100’, the construction of which is currently underway.”
Azar oilfield produces light crude oil with an API of about 32-33°. Based on the current development project, the oil recovery rate of this field has been estimated to be 16%.
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