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24 June 2017
Head of the workgroup for oilfield development of NISOC, revealed that the results of the studies over Shadegan oilfield will be submitted by Pergas Consortium by mid-August 2017.
Projects Trackers
South Pars Phases 22, 23 & 24 (Offshore)
24 June 2017
South Pars Phases 22-24 project manager at POGC: The drilling operation at platforms 22, 24-A and 24-B have been ended making 100% progress, and drilling at main platform 23 is still underway, making 80.4% headway.
Simultaneous with receiving corrosion resistant alloys (CRA) pipes from NIOC, the installation of these pipes will start in September and the operation to complete the wells will be carried out within the 2nd half of this (Iranian) year (started March 2017).
The construction of topside of platform 22, as the first platform to be installed in this phase, has made 89% headway. The final stage to construct platform 22 is underway, and the platform is expected to be relocated to the related site by October 2017, while topsie 24A will also be consecutively ready for installation in the following month.
The main topside of platform 23 and satellite platform 24B are being manufactured, making 81.5% and 75% headway respectively.
He referred to the completion of installing 5.3 km long 18” pipeline between two 22 and 24A platforms by the C-Master pipe lay crane barge, and reminded: “In addition, the 32” pipeline for platform 22 with the length of 110 km was fully completed last year.”
The pipe laying operation of platform 23 at the length of 110 km will start in late July followed by the interfiled 20” pipeline laying operation of these two platforms.
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