Iran's Ongoing Offshore Developments Projects

Balal (Gas)
Location: Persian Gulf at about 100-km to the South West of lavan Island in water depth of about 67 meters.

Status: Ongoing
Farzad A
Location: Persian Gulf (Shared with Saudi Arabia)

Status: Ongoing
Farzad B
Location: Shared gas field in Persian Gulf, near Iran’s port city of Bushehr

Status: Ongoing
Forouzan Renovation
Location: Persian Gulf

Status: Ongoing
Location: In the shallow waters of the northern part of the Persian Gulf and in proximity to Bahregansar oil field

Status: Ongoing
Kish Development
Location: Kish

Status: Ongoing
Salman (Oil & Gas)
Location: Salman oil/gas reservoir is adjacent to Iran’s marine border with Abu Dhabi at Abul-Bakhoush field and 142 Km away from Lavan Island.

Status: Ongoing
South Pars Phase 11 (Offshore)
Location: South Pars Gas Field (Persian Gulf)

Status: Ongoing
South Pars Phase 13 (Offshore)
Location: Tombak

Status: Ongoing

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