Iran's Ongoing Onshore Developments Projects

Azar Oilfield
Location: Ilam Province (in Anaran Exploratory Block)

Status: Ongoing
Location: Southeast of Ramhormoz in Khuzestan

Status: Ongoing
Location: Fars Province, between Kazerun and Borazjan

Status: Ongoing
North Azadegan
Location: Dasht-e-Azadegan, 80 kms west of the southwestern city of Ahvaz (Khuzestan Province)

Status: Ongoing
North Yaran
Location: Khouzestan Province, West of Karoun River which is located in the north-west of South Azadegan oilfield (at point zero of the border with Iraq and shared with Majnoun oilfield)

Status: Ongoing
Parsi & Paranj oilfields
Location: Khuzestan

Status: Ongoing
Location: South East of Ahwaz, By Deylam Port

Status: Ongoing
Location: Khuzestan province

Status: Ongoing
South Azadegan
Location: Khuzestan, 100km from Ahwaz, Soosangerd

Status: Ongoing
South Yaran
Location: 130 km off west of Ahvaz city; West of Karoun river in Khuzestan province (shared with Iraq)

Status: Ongoing
Location: Khorasan Razavi Province; 100 km off North-East of Mashhad and 60 km off South West of Sarakhs

Status: Ongoing
Location: Yadavaran is located southeast of the giant Azadegan oil field in Khuzestan

Status: Ongoing

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