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08 April 2017
Iran’s ‘Farzad A’ shared gas field with Saudi Arabia, 20% of which is located in the Iranian side, was discovered in 2010. The gas production potential of this field is estimated to be over 1,000 mcf/d in phase I, and the gas reserves the field houses is estimated to exceed 10 tcf.
The reservoir study project and exploratory operations of ‘Farzad A’ had been assigned to Petropars Co. in November 2011, based on which, the company was supposed to drill an appraisal well, prepare the relevant MDP and carry out the relevant basic and conceptual designs.
Over three years of operations in this field, Petropars Group has drilled one appraisal well, conducted reservoir studies and constructed an offshore jacket. Upon the shifts made in the government as well as the policies adopted by the new oil ministry administration, the support and follow-ups of NIOC regarding operations at ‘Farzad A’ gas field have reduced so that in 2014, these operations had gradually come to a halt and finally stopped, ordered by the oil minister.
NIOC is said to have requested Petropars Group to resume activities in this field and likely to drill another appraisal well.
Fields Trackers
05 April 2017
ICOFC intends to hold a two-stage public tender to assign the Khangiran gas field reservoir study project to qualified company.
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