Oman hopes for US approval on Iran-Oman gas pipeline project

13 November, 2018
Source: UrduPoint News / Sputnik

Muscat hopes for Washington's approval, amid US sanctions on Tehran, of the project of a gas pipeline from Iran to Oman, Omani Oil Minister Mohammed Rumhi told Sputnik on Monday.

"We are still discussing [the project] and we are not sure what is the American policy on that particular project, but we are good friends of Iran and of the United States and maybe we can negotiate a good deal to please everybody.

Gazprom is still in this project, and if we have Russia, Iran and the United States it will be fantastic," the minister said.

"I hope we can complete this project, we have finished the design and [are] at a very advanced stage. I will be very disappointed if we throw everything we have done away," the minister said.

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