Iran exports 5.4 BCM gas to Turkey in 2023: Eurostat

08 February, 2024
Source: Tasnim

The Statistical Office of the European Union “Eurostat” said Iran’s export of gas to Turkey in 2023 reached 5.4 billion cubic meters (bcm), showing a 42 percent down compared to a year earlier.

Eurostat put the total volume of the natural gas exported from Iran to neighboring Turkey in 2023 at 5.4 billion cubic meters.

Iran had exported over 9.4 billion cubic meters of gas to Turkey in 2022, the report added.

Iran’s export of gas to Turkey in 2023 faced a hiatus for some months and reached almost zero from July to September of that year but the flow of Iranian gas to Turkey was resumed in October and reached the previous level in November and December.

Iran normally exports 500 to 900 million cubic meters of gas to Turkey every month.

According to the report, Iran exported 682 million and 781 million cubic meters of gas to Turkey in November and December respectively.

Explaining the reason for the suspension of Iran's gas export to Turkey for several months, the head of the dispatching department of the Iranian National Gas Company (NIGC) said that gas export was disconnected at the request of the Turkish side for repair and maintenance services and after that, Iran’s gas export to Turkey was resumed.



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